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IDNo.NameArmyRankVictory PointsTotal PointsJoinedDate of RankPersonal WebPageLog
G003 James Poli German Army Major291742004-08-132004-08-13G0030
G011 Peter Dawson German Army Oberstleutnant273872004-08-132004-08-13G0110
G012 Rick Nettleton Imperial Japanese Army Chui (1st Lieutenant)32972004-08-132009-10-09G0120
G013 John Vacher German Army General 0662004-08-132004-08-13G0130
G014 Beric Kimbal German Army Leutnant 0652004-08-132004-08-13G0140
G015 Jack Briscoe German Army Oberleutnant 131832004-08-132004-08-13G0150
G101 Dale Amsbaugh German Army Jr. Leut0552006-10-112006-10-11G1010
G102 Les Baker German Army General3810442006-10-122009-12-04G1022
G153 Gary Miller German Army Oberst354262004-08-132004-08-13G1530
G217 Dan Glenn US Army 184792004-08-132010-09-10G2170
G218 Fanis Kourounis German Army Leutnant 082004-09-012004-09-01G2180
G219 John Given German Army Jr. Leut.0252006-11-262006-11-26G2190
G220 Alphonse von Mere German Army Leutnant002007-10-052007-10-05G2200
G300 Chuck Durst German Army Oberleutnant2962008-10-012009-01-09G3000
G301 Donald Durst German Army Oberleutnant2712009-03-042010-12-24G3010
G400 Andreu Olmo German Army Leutnant002009-09-292009-09-29G40014
I01 Roger VanHoozer Esercito Italiano Colonnello364352004-09-272004-09-27I010
I100 taloncigar Italian Army 21472009-09-172010-08-06I1003
JP100 Kirk Hutzel Imperial Japanese Army Shoi (2nd Lieutenant)002009-12-222009-12-22JP1005
S003 Jeff Conner German Army Mod. Lt002004-08-132004-08-13S0030
S004 John Pirman Red Army Jr. Lieutenant 002006-10-072006-10-07S0042
S005 Richard Hansen Red Army General Polkovnik5712242004-08-132008-10-10S0050
S006 Eric Bonner Red Army General Maior2312022006-10-072008-10-31S0066
S015 Neil Drew Red Army General Lieutenant409032004-08-132008-10-03S0150
S016 Josh Pollock Red Army Junior Lieutenant 1412004-08-132004-08-13S0160
S017 Phillipe Mouledous Red Army General-Maiyor237152004-08-132004-08-13S0170
S018 Chris Covert Red Army Star. Lieutenant32682004-08-132008-10-10S01876
S022 Nikolaos Kourounis Red Army Polkovnik364132004-08-132004-08-13S0220
S200 John Grasse Red Army Molod. Lieutenant002010-01-252010-01-25S2006
SS002 Terry White German SS Oberstgruppenfuhrer13917132004-08-132008-10-17SS0024
SS003 Marco Macauley SS 02582004-08-132008-02-10SS0030
SS004 Bill Zueselldorff German SS Obersturmbannfuhrer99993522004-08-132004-08-13SS0040
SS005 Ray Bell German SS SS Brigade Fuhrer0352006-08-122006-08-12SS0050
SS100 Terry Cotter German SS Untersturmfuhrer002010-01-272010-01-27SS1001
UK005 Mark Regan British Army Lt. Colonel623532004-08-132004-08-13UK0050
UK009 Bob Millard British Army Lt Colonel 213172004-08-132004-08-13UK0090
UK011 Tim Goodwin British Army Major81692004-08-132004-08-13UK0110
UK020 Mark Blackham British Army Lieutenant 112362004-08-132004-08-13UK0200
UK101 Jack Larry British Army Lt. General6010792008-01-122011-01-28UK10180
UK102 Maarten Roggeveen British Army 2nd Lieutenant0212008-02-212008-02-21UK1020
US002 Bob Glenn German Army General9011632004-08-132009-04-03US0020
US003 Yong Park US Army Major General969572004-08-132008-10-03US0031
US004 Nils Gonzalez US Army Major General738762004-08-132008-10-03US0040
US006 James Lee US Army 002004-08-132004-08-13US0060
US007 Dave Tate US Army Major 243832004-08-132004-08-13US0070
US010 Tom Mould US Army 2nd Lt.0252006-12-302006-12-30US0100
US012 Bob Cummings US Army 2nd Lieutenant 4402004-08-132004-08-13US0120
US013 Tony Malone US Army Major 31632004-08-132004-08-13US0130
US015 Michael McCarty US Army 1st Lieutenant 2612004-08-132004-08-13US0150
US020 Bill Peters US Army 2nd Lieutenant0882006-08-122006-08-12US0200
USMC001 Dan Armenta US Marine Corps 2nd Lt.002007-01-032007-01-03USMC0010
X001 Placeholder for MP Games ANZAC 002009-03-212009-03-21X0010
Z001 Placeholder for MP Games ANZAC 002009-03-212009-03-21Z0010

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