Front Line Game Club Rules


Questions, comments, suggestions or any errors found in or concerning these rules can be reported directly to any cabinet member.



Club Philosophy


The Front Line Wargame club has been formed to support the Play by E-Mail or H2H Online play of the Talonsoft Campaign series of WWII games, namely, Eastern Front, Eastern Front II, Western Front and Rising Sun. This of course includes any and all expansions for the campaign series and any future additions to the series!!  Titles from other manufacturers could be added at the discretion of the cabinet.
     The Front Line Wargame club wishes to provide a military, historical and most of all a FUN environment for our members. We are more than just a points ladder with promotions and medals awarded for battlefield success, service to the club and by senior officer recommendation.  Any complaints, suggestions and comments on the club should be directed to the Committee, either as individuals or as a whole. There is a link to the Committee suggestion page via the main page.

     All members start at the lowest rank. Promotions will be based on the club promotions system (below). The point system advances the officer’s rank up to General officer, when this rank is reached any further promotion is determined by points and must be approved by the cabinet.

     Role playing is encouraged to portray the natural rivalry and positions of the Axis and Allied forces. Friendly banter is encouraged, rude and antagonistic behavior will not be tolerated. The Committee is well aware that some players have different levels of perceptions when it comes to friendly banter. We ask that all players bear this in mind in the event of upsets and refrain from abusive postings to the Beachhead Mess. If players have a genuine dispute we ask that you resolve the problem outside of the Club. The Committee can make adjudication in exceptional circumstances but would prefer members to behave as Officers.






The Front Line Cabinet consists of 6 members, and 6 alternate members who can vote in the absence of their Army representative. Each of the six Armies are represented by a Committee member and an Alternate nominated by their Army Commander. Whilst each Committee member represents his Army within the Club decisions will wherever possible be taken objectively. 

Cabinet Duties:
A) Approve promotions.
B)  Settle game issues.
C)  Interpret rules were needed.
D)  Permit forum for officer grievances.
E)  Decide on all club issues, activities and changes to military commands.

When a cabinet member has a conflict of interest in regards to decisions that affect his other duties, he will abstain from the vote.
A majority is required for all votes.

     The cabinet is as follows:

German:  Gary Miller               Alternate:  Nickolas Fulda

Italian:  Roger van Hoozer             Alternate:  Gianni Stroppa

British: Mark Regan                      Alternate: Stephane Moutin

American: Luke Swanson            Alternate: Bob Glenn

Russian: Jeff Conner                    Alternate: Rick Hansen





Chain of Command





Army Commander: Duties will include (may delegate)  

A) Serve under C.O.A. as commander for all assigned officers.
B)  Run His/Her own armies web pages.
C)  Report monthly to C.O.A.
D) Maintain command structure and officer status.

Divisional Commander (BRIGADE IN BRIT): Duties will include (may delegate)  

A) Serve under Army commander as commander for all assigned officers.
B) Report monthly to Army commander.

Commissioned Officers: Duties include

A) Serve under Divisional commander.
B) Report monthly to Divisional commander.

All officers must :
A) Read and comply with club rules.
B)  Respect senior officers.
C)  Be present for duty.
D)  Obey orders given by their commander/so.





Battle Points


Battles are games undertaken by commissioned officers of one Allied Army verses one from an Axis Army. Once the match has been agreed to the challenger would normally register the game via the appropriate new game form on the Front Line main page. Please note that to avoid confusion the new game form should only be completed by the player taking the first turn.


A game completion form must be filled in at the end of every completed club game. The form should be completed by the winning player only. All battles must first be registered via the new game registration form and have a valid game registration number upon registering on the end game forms. Please ensure that you add both player’s full name and unit together with valid email addresses.



1) Win / Lose: Major Victory: +3 to +6 points


Minor Victory: +1 to +3 points

Draw: 0 points


Minor Defeat: -1 to -3 points


Major Defeat: -3 to -6 points


2) Number of turns played: The number of turns you played versus the total number of turns in the scenario. For example: 12 of 15 meaning you

completed 12 out of the possible 15 turns to defeat your opponent.



3) Total points: Total number of turns played plus your level of victory. For example: You won the above scenario with a Major Victory

that would give you a +3, witch would equal out to 15 Pts. ( 12 turns played + Major Victory +3 = 15 Total Pts.).


If you were the one who lost this scenario, then it would be: 12 turns played + Major Defeat -3 = 9 Total Pts.



4) Victory Points: If you win your game, then you will be awarded victory points for the following level of victory:


Major Victory = +3 to +6

Minor Victory = +1 to +3

Depending on the COMPLEXITY OF THE SCENARIO. The higher the complexity, the more VPs you earn.


Commanders may use these victory points as a way to award commands and or awards or medals. The club uses them as a

way to show ones prowess on the field of battle.
















German SS

















0 – 49

+ 3VP

2nd Lieutenant





2nd Lieutenant

50 – 99


1st Lieutenant





1st Lieutenant

100 – 149








150 – 249








250 – 399


Lt. Colonel




Tenente Colonello

Lt. Colonel

400 – 599








600 – 799






Generale de Brigata

Brigadier General

800 – 999


Major General




Generale de Divisione

Major General

1000 – 1499


Lieutenant General


General der Infanterie


Generale di C.A. designato d'Armata

Lieutenant General

1500 +






Generale d'Armata








Club Rules for playing games


The object of having club or house rules is so that everyone can play and enjoy the games. Some of the rules mentioned below came as a result of heated discussion and in an effort to make the game as realistic as possible. These rules have been adopted club wide and are hence non-negotiable. If you find out that you are playing against someone who is breaking any of these rules, you should report it immediately to your commander.


1)      Trucks (and other transports): Units that have no Attack or Defense value will not be used to surround enemy units. Will not be used for recon purposes in any form. Historically this never happened or was done intentionally by commanders. Transports were too valuable to be used for other missions.


2)      Be Courteous: No one likes it when they start a game, only to find out their opponent disappeared into thin air. Failure to notify your opponent that you need a break or can not finish a game will result in a Major Victory for him with all turns played. It will be left up to you as to how long you want to wait and keep trying to establish contact before reporting the game.


a)      Failure to complete three (3) games in this fashion (or dropping out of three games) will result in your removal from the club.



3) Report In: It is up to all Army commanders to ensure their people report in. This is so The head of the club can keep an accurate club roster going. This is very important as it may be the only place where people will see your Email address. If you do not report in for three (3) consecutive months, you will be dropped from the rolls.