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This is the Frequently asked questions for the Front Line

How do I log in?

On the main index page you will see the image of a door, the link of which will load the log in page. Also, on the right side bar, you will see a sentance that says Log in, the link of which will load the log in page.

How do I join the club?

If you have experience in play by email wargames and you prefer an army you can use the automated form. Upon completion and submission of the web form, you will be mailed a user id string and a password. You can use this security combination. to log in.

If you have no experience with play by email wargaming, you can use the non-automated form to join. A club member, likely a commander, will\ contact you and arrange to start a training game, very small, less than 12 turns. When the member/commander is satisfied you can successfully complete a play by email game you can then use the automated form to join.

I didn't get my password! Help!

If you registered or you are registered, you were sent a username and a password to the email address you used to register your membership.

If you didn't receive your password, one of two things have happened:

In instance 1 you should contact the webmaster using the contact form with your problem with the corrected email.

In instance 2 you should contact your ISP and request that the mail server mail.flwgc.org at is a legitimate mail server serving legitimate requested traffic and any blocks on this server be lifted immediately.

Your webmail provider should have at least one spam mail folder you can check for the email with your password. If that is the case you should adjust youtr own spam filters to allow mails from the mail server at mail.flwgc.org to pass without diverting to your spam filter.

How do I start a battle or issue a challenge?

The best way to start a battle is to go to the club member's page to see whom amongst the listed members are the most active. To contact a member, click on the member's name for the email address.

If you are using Firefox web browser, as recommended and you use web mail, hover your mouse over the member's name you want to challenge and select copy email address.

Be advised: Many members on the active page aren't active, so please take notem of the Log Ins list ion the right hand side to see who has the most logins, and contact one of them.

May I battle against someone on my side?

You may indeed register a battle against a club member on the same side, known as maneuver games, however, those games as not counted towards points towards rank. Upon registration of a completed manever battle, it will be listed a a zero points maneuver game.

Many of these wargames are expensive, and I don't have alot of money.

Frontline Wargame Club does provide support for the registration Steel Panthers II WWII games, which is a free game, free to download and play.

However, as a matter of personal preference, it is strongly recommnded you buy this game to help support the fine work those folks have provided over the years. The interface for the purchaased version is better, plus it has some enhancements the free version doesn't have.

I have a message for the club membership, How can make my announcement?.

The Club Bulletin Board is the best way to address the broader club membership. As a member, feel free to contact the club membership for issues relating to the club in this manner.

However, if you are a non-member and you post anything with a URL link, it is subject to being deleted as spam by any member. Automated and commercial Spam is regarded in this board as a crime, equivalent to theft, and as such if your message is deleted, your posting privileges will be automatically, permenantly suspended.

May I advertise a product here?

We do accept advertising for the main page, but we do not accept per click contracts. Use the contact page.

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